Our Policy for refund and privacy will be as follows. If you have any questions about our terms and conditons, please feel free to contact us so that we may further help you.

Refund Policy

  • Any illegal receipt of amount will be returned and cancellation of paperwork will be carried out by us.
  • Diversification of business is permitted with proper legal changes and refund needed will be carried out as per Government norms.

Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to us. To better protect your privacy, we provide the following privacy policy for your notice.

  • RDI’s web server automatically recognizes, but does not collect or use your domain name (IP address). We do not collect individual information about you or your personal use of this site.
  • We do not use cookies to surreptitiously collect any personal information from your computer.
  • RDI Trust will not sell or trade donor’s information with any organization. You are not required to provide any personal information on our website unless you choose to do so. We do ask for personal information on our online donation pages to properly enable donation transaction processing.

Terms & Conditions

  • Acceptance of payments sent. All transactions carried out, online credit/debit card payments has to be furnished with the origin and details of accounts given by the donor/ any individual/ merchant as per terms of the Government of India.
  • The manual authorization is a must for the individual/ company/donor/merchant, has to be furnished before depositing the amount. The transaction must be completed within 48 hrs after acceptance from our end. Any delay in this condition will be rejected.
  • The purpose of usage has to be specified before depositing the amount- any sanctions if needed by the Reserve Bank of India - Government route clearance has to be obtained prior correspondence needed.