Rural Development Trust Institute (RDI Trust) had its humble beginning in a remote hill area called kolappally of the Nilgiris in 1999. Since then, this public charitable trust has spread its tentacles all over the hilly district and adjoining areas. The Rural Development Institute based in the Nilgiris District of Tamil Nadu has the privilege of being one of the best capacitated Non-Governmental organizations.

The organization is structured to work with rural back warded people and develop their children's to access for free/concession education over a period of nine years and the same has involved a module of non-discriminating supportive common living. Empowering rural people to introspect and bring about a change in life style. We addressed various social need and facilitated our target people with Education/Medical care/ Women empowerment/ Care of infant/ Children/Orphan/Poor women/widows/abandoned women/ physically/ visually challenged and the elderly people.

Today our RDI Trust is at the forefront in facilitating to train the youth in education/Rehabilitation/Prevention from HIV/AIDS. We offer a broad spectrum of service to the community and involved in individual development of the poor. Our strength lies in the disciplines of poor people and facilitating life style change.


  • A paradigm shift towards an integrated and holistic approach to development.
  • Empowering philosophy of promoting education among the rural/tribal/BPL and poorest of the rural poor house holds to create an educated society of the above mentioned peoples children.
  • Value based development with a passion for quality and excellence.


  • Organizing community development as a process of enabling the rural poor for sustainable development.
  • Providing quality technical education to rural poor families children and youth through our free / vocational and skill training with hard efforts of our mission.
  • Creating a disease free society with the help of supporting people.

Aim & Objectives

Unfortunately education in India has still remained primarily oriented towards the needs of the private sector and has overlooked the specific requirements of the public sector. RDI Trust has set before it the twin tasks to reorient education and medical service to the rural poor. "The RURAL DEVELOPMENT" derived from the motive of enlisting economical status of downtrodden people. It lays emphasis on the need to study risk perception effectively, assist in harm minimization and provide training to the affected individuals, enabling them to monitor life as on going process of moral/cultural/ethnic and economical growth. The guiding philosophy is a reflection of the spirit of service and dedication/enshrined in the work of great social activities.

As an educational institute, we aim at developing:

  • Pursuit of knowledge.
  • Commitment to economic/social and cultural enlistment of masses.
  • Cultivation of taste for education/fine arts e will succeed; we shall turnout barefoot leaders and entrepreneurs who are committed to the poor people and who are urgently needed for the country.
  • RDI Trust aim at initiating training on problem of development that must be solved by realizing planned objectives of life
  • Promoting community health especially in the area of drug abuse prevention from chronic diseases/ to ensure health care and quality life to rural poor people.
  • Right environment and adequate opportunities to promote the youth by training them in intellectual/social/emotional/physical and moral development.