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Welcome to RDI Trust



RDI Trust has set before it, the twin tasks to reorient education and medical service to the rural poor...



Our RDI trust upholds the human and social values in its commitment to the poor. Therefore RDI trust envisages a vision...



In order to realize the vision envisaged, our RDI trust endeavors to enforce the power mission...

Who we are?

The Rural Development Institute based in the Nilgiris District of Tamil Nadu has the privilege of being one of the best capacitated Non-Governmental organizations.

Where we work?

The prime area of RDI is the Gudalur Block of the Nilgiri district which is located at the Ooty Mysore Road of Tamil Nadu, in South India.

What we do?

Right environment and adequate opportunities to promote the youth by training them in intellectual, social, physical, emotional and moral development.

With whom we work?

We have addressed various social and economical needs and facilitated our target people with education, medical care, women empowerment or orphan women.